Awards & Recognition

Marianne Nihan

  • Broker of the Year Weeks and Leo
  • Broker of the Year United Exchange
  • Broker of the Year Sea-Band

Dan Briggs

  • McKesson Trade Representative of the Year
  • McKesson Vendor of the Year
  • Pfizer Vendor of the Year McKesson
  • Brookshire’s Grocery Salesperson of the Month
  • Colgate Hall of fame Southern Region

Tom Gross

  • Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Broker Recognition
  • AmerisourceBergen Manufacturer Relations Leadership
  • ABC Manufacturer Award Finalist
  • ABC Trade Relations Leadership Award

Tammy Lewis

  • AAP Broker of the Year
  • Pacific World Supplier Partner of the Year
  • NACDS Innovation for Success

Dan Rozumalski

  • Smith Drug Strategic Partner in Retail Sales
  • Rochester Drug Vendor of the Year in Partnership with Pfizer
  • H.D. Smith Trading Partner Representative of the Year
  • H.D. Smith Trading Partner of the Year in Partnership with Prestige Brands (2)
  • Nature’s Way Key Account Manager of the Year

Marybeth Scott

  • AmerisourceBergen Manufacturer Relations Leadership

Charlie Gurney

  • Bi-Mart – Representative Partner of the Year
  • Bartell Drugs – Vendor of the Year
  • J&J Broker of the Year
  • J&J Rapid Retail Achievement – Pepcid AC Launch

Barbara Longhino

  • Cardinal Health Trade Representative of the Year

Mike McNeill

  • McKesson CPG Trade Representative of the Year