About SSI

SSI has 11 dedicated sales professionals providing outstanding results in the Drug Chain and Drug Wholesale classes of trade. We have a 30 year track record in developing strategies to maximize distribution, promotion and sales opportunities. We are the only broker in the nation that uses an integrated approach in selling to Drug Wholesalers; the major sub-groups that pull product through them (AAP, Bartell, Bi-Mart, Hi-School, Lewis Drug, Thrifty-White); and Hamacher Group.

We work closely with Hamacher to identify and prioritize sales and distribution opportunities at the Regional Drug Wholesalers. Our integrated approach allows us to maximize planogram opportunities with Hamacher, and then execute with each of the regional wholesalers subscribing to their planogram service.

We have invested heavily in special report templates that integrate planogram, movement and inventory data at Amerisource, Cardinal, McKesson and key Regional Drug Wholesalers.

SSI is a member of  NACDS, CHPA and PLMA